Dynamic Alignment




If your patient has been using any other foot, the
Niagara Foot may feel completely different to them. Most
clients require time to adjust to the additional mobility
the Niagara Foot provides.

Adjustments along with a learning curve will be required. dyn-1
A controlled gait specific learning period would be beneficial.

Once the practitioner realizes the effective dynamic
diversification available with the Niagara Foot their
prosthetic management capability will improve.

Left & Right great toe profiles can be implemented to
provide custom gait toe offs. The Hytrel® polymer
developed by DuPont™, is easily machined.

Note the reduction steps x 5 in the Forefoot Lever.
(Click first image for a larger view)

The length of the Niagara Foot can be shortened as
required. Consider heel and forefoot reductions for
smaller foot sizes.

Extension beyond 28 cm are at the practitioner's