footFrom concept to reality!

The Niagara Foot is a dynamic energy-storing prosthetic foot, which was developed by Rob Gabourie CP (c) in collaboration with various research institutions. . The foot is made out of  Hytrel ® which is an engeneered polymer devolped by DuPont™ and which produces superior function, ensures high energy efficiency and durability. The smooth action of the foot reduces the biomechanical forces acting on the residual limb.
The Niagara Foot is maintenance free, water resistant and can be dynamically modified by the prosthetist in order to adapt it optimaly to the gait cycle and the weight of the amputee. It is an excellent all round foot, suitable for the Mobility grades K1 - K4. It was extensively tested in numerous field tests and according to ISO 10328 standard on the P5-100 kg protocol.